Archangel’s Blade by Nalini Singh

Archangel's Blade by Nalini SinghReleased: September 6, 2011
Format: e-book
Publisher: Berkley

Series: Guild Hunter #4

Source: Purchased

Excerpt: Yes

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh is back in the shadows of a deadly, beautiful world where angels rule, vampires serve, and one female hunter must crawl out of the darkness to survive…

The severed head marked by a distinctive tattoo on its cheek should have been a Guild case, but dark instincts honed over hundreds of years of life compel the vampire Dmitri to take control. There is something twisted about this death, something that whispers of centuries long past…but Dmitri’s need to discover the truth is nothing to the vicious strength of his response to the hunter assigned to decipher the tattoo.

Savaged in a brutal attack that almost killed her, Honor is nowhere near ready to come face to face with the seductive vampire who is an archangel’s right hand, and who wears his cruelty as boldly as his lethal sensuality…the same vampire who has been her secret obsession since the day she was old enough to understand the inexplicable, violent emotions he aroused in her.

As desire turns into a dangerous compulsion that might destroy them both, it becomes clear the past will not stay buried. Something is hunting…and it will not stop until it brings a blood-soaked nightmare to life once more…

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I took a break from this series once the focus shifted away from Elena and Raphael but I decided it was time to dive back in since I’m have a huge fan of Nalini Singh’s work. It’s been three years since I read the series so I re-read the previous three books and I was reminded of why these books are so good. And also of how sad I was to have the books shift to other characters, particularly Dmitri, whom I’ve never really liked. But Nalini Singh is a very talented writer and she more or less won me over in ARCHANGEL’S BLADE. I don’t think it’s as strong as the previous stories but I enjoyed it more than I anticipated, even with my qualms about Dmitri as a leading man.

Prior to ARCHANGEL’S BLADE, we got some insight into why Dmitri is the way he is. Singh really delves into his past and mind in this novel and it shows us just why Dmitri is as cold and hard as he is. He’s still not my favourite protagonist but ARCHANGEL’S BLADE was still quite interesting. The best part of the book, however, is Honor, who is really great lead character. She has a pretty tragic backstory but she’s an interesting and strong character. She also serves a very different purpose in the Guild from Elena and it was neat to see more of the internal structure of the Guild Hunters’ world.

ARCHANGEL’S BLADE is also structured a little bit differently from other novels in the series. There’s still a hunt but it’s also a bit of a vengeance quest so it’s a rather dark book. Dmitri is helping Honor track down the vampires responsible for her torture and it gives the novel a heavier tone than previous instalments in the series. The change in tone was interesting and makes sense since Dmitri is an inherently dark character.

Although this isn’t my favourite book in the series, ARCHANGEL’S BLADE is characterised by Nalini Singh’s powerful writing and outstanding worldbuilding. If you’re a fan of the series, you won’t want to skip it!


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