Adopt a Word

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One of the Bloggiesta mini-challenges was about getting involved with a book-related charity. I regularly donate books to my public library if I don’t want to keep them, and I’m planning to send a couple books to Lili (of Lili’s Reflections) for her Books Change Lives effort but the mailing charges make it a less desirable option for me. Thanks to Allison at The Book Wheel, I found out about a bunch of new book-related charities. (You can read her Bloggiesta mini-challenge here.)

I picked Adopt a Word as my effort for right now because it’s such a cool project. They are a part of I CAN that helps children with communication difficulties. You can adopt any word you like for £15. If you’re in the UK, you can get an adoption package but as a non-UK resident, I got a PDF certificate for my donation. One of the words I adopted (for a year) is geek, a word that represents me pretty well.

If you’re looking for a nice charity to support, I’d suggest Adopt a Word!




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