Bloggiesta finish line!

Bloggiesta finish line

This weekend was the first time I took part in Bloggiesta, a blogging marathon that’s supposed to help you get all those pesky blog to-do tasks done. Here’s how I did with my goals.


  • Organize my reviews in some sort of spreadsheet. I have this started for certain aspects of my blogging on both sites but it’s not really coheisve. There’s a nice tutorial as one of the challenges by Lauren at Lose Time Reading. [I got started with the books I have received for review. My purchased books aren’t in the spreadsheet yet but I’ll be working away at it over the next little while.]
  • Schedule some Waiting on Wednesday posts. I’m hoping to get them all written for April and May. [I scheduled all of April and part of May.]
  • Make sure the blog has all of the basics, based on Amanda at On a Book Bender‘s challenge.
  • Figure out this whole StumbleUpon thing, with the help of April at Good Books and Good Wine‘s challenge. [Didn’t get through this but now that StumbleUpon is on my radar, I hope to address this soon.]
  • Write my outstanding reviews: Midnight Blue-Light Special by Seanan McGuire, Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs [wrote the first one but not the second]
  • Update by Goodreads and LibraryThing pages. [I’m pretty quick at this so there wasn’t actually that much to do.]

I’m pretty happy about how things worked out. Thanks to all of the mini-challenge hosts and the Bloggiesta organizers! I had a lot of fun working on my site and hope to participate even more next time!


One response to “Bloggiesta finish line!”

  1. Lauren @ Lose Time Reading says :

    You got so many goals accomplished 🙂 The StumbleUpon challenge was super helpful…. it actually does bring in traffic so I definitely recommend setting that up!

    Thanks for participating in my challenge !!!

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