Casting Cassandra Clare

Lily Collins

has announced that Lily Collins will be playing Clary in the big screen adaptation of the Mortal Instruments series. I don’t know how to feel about it. I’ve never seen anything she’s been in, and frankly don’t intend to see Mirror, Mirror. What do you think of the casting choice?



2 responses to “Casting Cassandra Clare”

  1. Melissa (@MelLHay) says :

    Well, she has the pale skin tone. I guess if we die her hair red… I’ve really not seen her in anything either. Or that I know I’ve seen.

    I added Mirror Mirror to my Netflix que when ever it becomes available. But I don’t plan on going to the theaters to see it.

  2. jenn says :

    Ooh, that’s a good idea. I should do the same. Netflix would be the perfect way to watch that movie. 🙂

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