Cover Love: Kiss The Dead by Laurell K. Hamilton

Cover Love

I’m going to start posting my Cover Love entries on Wednesdays since I won’t be able to write two reviews a week for now.

This week, I’m all about Laurell K. Hamilton’s recently released cover for her next Anita Blake novel and it is amazing:

Laurell K Hamilton Kiss The Dead Anita Blake

I like it because it’s not your typical UF cover with the sexy lady in a tiny top brandishing a weapon. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of boob on show but there’s also a delicious noir mystery feel that I love. I really like the grainy look that it has. I’m definitely looking forward to reading Kiss The Dead now.

Kiss The Dead, the 21st Anita Blake novel, is being released in June.


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4 responses to “Cover Love: Kiss The Dead by Laurell K. Hamilton”

  1. Carmel @ Rabid Reads says :

    I’m really diggin’ this one too. It’s way better than the last couple of covers in this series and I hear ya about it not having the usual chick w/ a sword. Great pick and thanks for participating!

  2. jenn says :

    Thanks, Carmel!

  3. Melissa (My words and pages) says :

    I hate to say it, as I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but I’ve not read this author. But this cover is catching! 😀 Thank you for sharing.

  4. jenn says :

    One day, we’ll all have plenty of time for reading and we’ll finally get to those series we’ve been meaning to get to. 🙂

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