Rush of Darkness by Rhyannon Byrd

Released: September 1, 2011
Format: e-galley
Publisher: Harlequin

Series: Primal Instinct #7

Source: Harlequin

Raine Spenser is on the brink. Held prisoner because of her abilities, Raine—a powerful psychic as well as vampire—desperately needed a savior. But the last one she expected was the green-eyed soldier who’d once hunted her kind. Since her rescue, she’s tried to forget Seth McConnell, unable to cope with the strange, simmering attraction that draws her to the compelling human.

But their goals—find the Kraven who held Raine captive and destroy him—are the same. The ever-growing web of danger surrounding them draws these two unlikely allies closer together, and anger slowly turns into an explosive passion they’re finding harder and harder to deny….

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’ve really enjoyed Rhyannon Byrd‘s Primal Instinct series so far and so I was very pleased to receive a review copy of Rush of Darkness. Seth is one of the more interesting characters in the series to my mind and I was excited to learn that this was his story. Well, his and Raine’s. This post probably isn’t going to do it justice since I read the book a couple weeks ago but didn’t have a chance to sit down and write about it with all of the holiday madness.

When we meet Raine this time around (she’s been in other books), she’s on a vengeful warpath, letting her experiences as a prisoner of the Kraven shape her life: her psychic powers are dwindling, her desire to kill is on the rise, and she’s willing to die to seek revenge on the men who killed her sister. Raine’s in a dark place but has been hiding it from the Watchmen and manages to get out of the compound and visit her family before starting her vengeance quest. But Seth follows her and won’t leave her alone, no matter what she does, because he’s been captivated by her since he laid eyes on her a couple books ago.

Seth and Raine have amazing chemistry, physically and emotionally. They both bring a lot of baggage to the relationship — Raine was tortured and imprisoned by the Kraven and Seth’s family was killed by vampires when he was twelve — and it makes their journey to coupledom a bit more fraught than usual, which I loved. They both had a big emotional obstacle to overcome and it made their love story much more satisfying.

There are also some significant developments in the series plot (the war against the Casus). This isn’t the end of the series but there are some major milestones that gave the book a little extra something on top of a fantastic romance.

All in all, Rush of Darkness is another solid entry into the Primal Instinct series and the paranormal romance genre as a whole. I can’t wait to find out what Rhyannon Byrd has in store for us next.

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3 responses to “Rush of Darkness by Rhyannon Byrd”

  1. Melissa (My words and pages) says :

    Hmmm, thanks for the review here. Sounds interesting. 🙂

  2. jenn says :

    This is one of those series that I read but don’t buy. I like the characters and the world but I’m happy to visit them at the public library, if you know what I mean.

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