William and Kate: A Royal Love Story by Christopher Andersen

Released: December 21, 2010
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 312
Publisher: Gallery Books

Source: Personal shelf

Theirs is the story of two young people who found each other in college, came perilously close to losing what they had forever, and pulled back from the brink at the last possible moment. Theirs is the story of private moments stolen for public consumption, of harrowing car chases, of scorching personal dramas played out behind the scenes, of calm heads prevailing in times of panic, and of a singular devotion made stronger by time.

The saga of William and Kate is one thing above all else: a love story.

From William and Kate: A Royal Love Story

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

While I’ve never been one to obsess over the royal family, I have always had a passing interest in them. I was in London when Diana died and I remember looking out of the hotel and seeing all the newsstand signs with the headline and not believing it. And when Prince William started dating a *gasp* commoner, it really caught my attention because it seemed to be signaling a change in palace politics. As a result, I was pretty excited when William and Kate came out, since we don’t get as much coverage of the family here in Canada as they do in Europe. I didn’t end up starting it until recently, though, when the couple came to tour Canada a month ago.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed with William and Kate (the book, not the people). This is the first time I’ve read something by Christopher Andersen  and I really couldn’t get into his writing style. The book has a very melodramatic tone as he “recounts” some of the interactions among William,  Kate, and their friends and family. While I choose to believe that he did a proper job of researching their lives, I couldn’t really immerse myself in the biography the way I normally due, and I can only attribute it to the writing style since I was genuinely interested in learning more about Wills and Kate. There was just something about the way he re-enacted private moments that seemed a bit fake, or perhaps overly voyeuristic. I’m not really sure how to describe it but I had a bit of a negative reaction.

I actually have another book about the couple in my TBR pile so I’ll let you know how it compares to this one. I would only recommend this biography to people who are familiar with, and like, Christopher Andersen’s writing style. I did, however, enjoy looking at all the pictures.


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3 responses to “William and Kate: A Royal Love Story by Christopher Andersen”

  1. Melissa (My World...in words and pages) says :

    Sorry to hear the book was disappointing. But the description makes it sound like they really had a rough road in love, and an exciting one too. 🙂

  2. jenn says :

    Yeah, I love their story, I just didn’t like the way it was written. Thanks for all your comments!

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