Secret of the Demon (Kara Gillian #3) by Diana Rowland

Released: January 4, 2011
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 310
Publisher: Daw
ISBN-13: 978-0-7564-0652-3

I’m always excited when Diana Rowland has a new book out. Her Kara Gillian novels consistently delight and Secret of the Demon is no exception. I was, however, very sad when I saw the cover, which is by a different artist. While I love the work Daniel Dos Santos has done for Patricia Briggs and T.A. Pratt‘s books, I was disappointed when I found out that Juliana Kolesova had been replaced. The covers for the first two books in the series are absolutey gorgeous; I find the cover for this book to be a bit more standard for the urban fantasy genre.

The blurb from the back of the book:

My name is Kara Gillian and I’m a homicide detective…

But that’s not all. I sense the “arcane” in our world, and there’s quite a bit of it, even in Beaulac, Louisiana. I’m also a summoner of demons, which comes in handy now that I work on a task force that deals with supernatural or paranormal crimes. My partners, Ryan and Zack, are attractive and smart FBI agents, but they’re not summoners, which sometimes makes it tough for them to understand what I’m dealing with.

To complicate things even more, I managed to get myself into a “situation” with one of the most powerful of demons–Demon Lord Rhyzkahl–who, in exchange for saving Ryan’s life, struck a bargain with me that definitely works better for him. It doesn’t help that this beautiful Demon Lord finds me attractive–something Ryan doesn’t appreciate. And I know Rhyzkahl has something on Ryan, but so far, I can’t find out what.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to solve a string of murders that are somehow tied together by money, sex, rock music and…mud. But how can I concentrate on the case when I’m not even sure who–or what–my partners are?

There’s nothing I didn’t love about Secret of the Demon. The storyline is really interesting since the aforementioned mud forces Kara to explore magics she isn’t familiar with. There are also some great developments on the Ryan front, both in terms of where he and Kara stand and the reader learning more about him and Zack. Some of the information that Diana Rowland reveals about these characters in this novel are definitely going to affect future stories and I can’t wait to see how they play out. It was also really great to see more of Jill, who’s one of my favourite characters in this series.

As always, the scenes with Rhyzkahl were steamy. Muy steamy. Rhyzkahl doesn’t figure into this book as much as he has in others but it was a nice change of pace. He’s still very present but I found Secret of the Demon to be much more about Kara and her relationships with her co-workers and friends, as opposed to being all about demons. I suppose this is partially due to the nature of the crimes she’s trying to solve; whatever the reason, there was enough Rhyzkahl to keep me happy, and plenty of other juicy plot points too.

Side note: While perusing Diana Rowland’s FAQs on her website, I finally learned how to pronounce Rhyzkahl! (She says it rhymes with “please call”.) Yippee!!

As a final note, I’d like to mention that Diana Rowland has a new book coming out in July called My Life As a White Trash Zombie, the start of another series. I’m not entirely sold on the idea but I’m going to reserve final judgment until some excerpts show up online, or I see the book in person. I love her Kara Gillian books so much, and think they’re so well written, and I’m just not sure I could bear it if this new series wasn’t as satisfying.


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