Counterfeit Magic (Otherworld novella) by Kelley Armstrong

Published: December 31, 2010
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 141
Publisher: Subterranean Press
ISBN-13: 987-1-59606-328-0

I ordered this book back in March and it finally arrived at the end of last month. Savannah has become one of my favourite characters in Kelley Armstrong‘s Otherworld and it’s been a while since Paige has been front and centre, so I was quite excited to finally have this in my hands.

In Counterfeit Magic, Paige and Savannah are undercover at a supernatural fight club. Paige welcomes the investigation, since she’s been feeling like a second fiddle to Lucas when it comes to the Cabal and its effects on their P.I. business. Over the course of the novella, Paige realizes that it’s not always external forces that can tear you apart — but does she realize it in time to save her personal life?

I thoroughly enjoyed Counterfeit Magic, even though Paige is not my favourite narrator. The story is a perfect novella — there’s just enough plot to satisfy but everything is resolved to the reader’s satisfaction by the last page. There are some nice insights into characters fan are familiar with, and the idea of a supernatural fight club is pretty cool. It’s part of the Otherworld that hasn’t really been explored, and let’s us see Savannah and Paige doing what they do best. I also liked seeing Paige struggle a bit, and seeing how Paige and Lucas’ marriage and business have held up since we last saw them.

Counterfeit Magic is a fantastic glimpse into the Otherworld and it will help to tide me over until Savannah’s next adventure in Spell Bound. July can’t come soon enough!

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