Dark Faerie Tales’ debut urban fantasy challenge complete!

By the skin of my teeth, I have completed the challenge. Info can be found at Dark Faerie Tales.

Here are the books I read:

  1. Spider’s Bite (Elemental Assassin #1) – Jennifer Estep
  2. Night Tides – Alex Prentiss (I didn’t review this one because I didn’t have anything terribly positive to say about it)
  3. Frost Moon – Anthony Francis
  4. Mind Games (Justine Jones: Disllusionist #1) – Carolyn Crane
  5. Red Hot Fury (Shades of Fury #1) – Kasey Mackenzie
  6. A Devil in the Details (Jesse James Dawson #1) – K. A. Stewart
  7. Don’t Kill the Messenger (Messenger #1) – Eileen Rendahl
  8. Hunted by the Others – Jess Haines
  9. Shadow Bound – Erin Kellison
  10. Shadowblade (Shadowchasers #1) – Seressia Glass
  11. Blood Law – Jeannie Holmes (no review because I read it while travelling but it was really good)
  12. Grave Witch (Alex Craft #1) – Kalayna Price
  13. Afterlife (Resurrection Chronicles #1) – Merrie Destefano
  14. Death Most Definite (Steven de Selby #1) – Trent Jamieson
  15. Queen of Shadows (Shadow World #1) – Dianne Sylvan

I didn’t end up reviewing all of them but 13/15 reviews ain’t bad. I still need to pick my reading challenges for next year. I hope Angela at Dark Faerie Tales runs another one because this one was a lot of fun. Thanks very much for planning this!!

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