Small Favor (Dresden Files #10) by Jim Butcher

Released: March 3, 2009
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 541
Publisher: Roc
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-46200-8

Who doesn’t love the Dresden Files? I’m a big fan, even though I’ve taken my time getting around to reading Small Favor. This was due, in no small part, to the fact that it’s one of those taller mass market paperbacks, which are supposed to be better for holding or something; they make me angry because now my paperbacks don’t flat-stack neatly by series anymore. Plus the series is coming out in hardcover first now and I try to limit the number of series  I purchase in hardcover. In any case, I’m really happy that I’ve read it because it was another excellent story from Jim Butcher.

In Small Favor, Harry Dresden’s 10th full-length outing, we’re drawn back to the fourth book, Summer Knight. Mab, the queen of the Winter Court of the Sidhe is back and is calling in an old favour from Harry — one he can’t refuse and one that pits him against the Summer Court. It also lets us visit with familiar characters and really builds on the existing Dresden mythology. There are lots of twists and turns, some of which are romantic (!),  but I don’t want to describe them in detail here in case others, like me, were slow to get to this story, but I will say that it’s a great tale.

One of my favourite parts about the series is Harry’s wit. The book’s written in the first person so the reader gets to hear the out-loud funny as well as Harry’s thought processes, which are often quite entertaining. I don’t know how Jim Butcher does it but I always laugh out loud while I read these books. Harry’s so quick-witted and punchy, and is becoming a more and more interesting wizard. There are some neat power developments and insights into Harry’s magic, and we get to see a lot of character growth from the supporting cast as well. Michael and Murphy figure prominently into the storyline, and we get to learn a lot more about Chicago’s magical background as well.

I’m going to pick up a copy of Turn Coat ASAP since it’s out in awkwardly-sized paperback now as well. There are two hardcover Harry books out right now — Changes, which is book 12 in the Dresden Files, and Side Jobs, which contains short stories, some old, some new. I’m going to do my best to resist them in all of their hardcover glory but they just may show up on this website sooner rather than later if I’m not careful.

The Dresden Files

  1. Storm Front
  2. Full Moon
  3. Grave Peril
  4. Summer Knight
  5. Death Masks
  6. Blood Rites
  7. Dead Beat
  8. Proven Guilty
  9. White Night
  10. Small Favor
  11. Turn Coat
  12. Changes
  13. Ghost Story (coming April 2011)

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