Blood Cross (Jane Yellowrock #2) by Faith Hunter

Released: January 5, 2010
Format: E-book
Publisher: Roc
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-46307-4 (for the mass market paperback)

Blood Cross is the second full-length novel in Faith Hunter‘s Jane Yellowrock series. (I talked about the first book, Skinwalker, here, and the short story Signatures of the Dead, here.) Blood Cross picks up almost immediately after the end of Skinwalker.

In this installment, Jane is still in New Orleans trying to track down the vampire making rogues – young vamps with no control. (Vampires in this mythology have a period known as devoveo, in which they have to be chained up until they learn control, which typically lasts 10 years.) Plus she’s got some romantic entanglements and visitors, so it’s a full and fast-paced story.

I enjoyed this book a little bit more than the first, probably because the characters were familiar and it felt like Jane had a lot more invested in the outcome of events this time around. I’ve been a big fan of Faith Hunter ever since her Rogue Mage series and, while I think that the Rogue Mage series is better, I still enjoyed reading Blood Cross and look forward to the next stage of Jane’s adventures.

This is book 4/6 for my Vampire Series Reading Challenge. Only two books left to go to finish this last challenge.


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