An Ideal Wife

Released: June 22, 2010

Format: Paperback

Pages: 256

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 978-0345499844

This is the final (or at least most recent) installment of Townley’s Jessica Wild books, featuring the perpetually misunderstanding and misunderstood Jessica Wild. There was less “meat” in this story than The Importance of Being Married, but probably a bit more than in A Wild Affair. It always seems that Jessica spends the entire book trying to solve a mounting series of dire problems, learning in the end that there was just a series of innocent misunderstandings. Because of this, her character doesn’t really grow.

But, the book was still kind of entertaining. Jessica feels guilty about lying to her husband, so she decides to make up for it by being the “perfect” wife – honest, caring, etc. Her total focus on that (rather than actually paying attention to what’s going on around her) leads to some imaginative disasters. Her caricature-esque friends, who are trying to help her pick up the pieces, actually just make things worse … until, of course, everything is just chalked up to the aforementioned convenient misunderstandings.

6/10 on the Geets’ scale of beach reads. (I was actually able to read two chapters and then decide not to take this on my vacation.) The character was endearing, but not enough happened to hold my interest.


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