Fly Away Home

Released: July 13, 2010

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 416

Publisher: Atria

ISBN: 978-0743294270

I have truly loved some Jennifer Weiner books. Good In Bed is on my list of all-time favourite, insightful, thought-provoking, close-to-my-soul titles. I have re-read it dozens of times and felt like I was hanging out with a close, intelligent, hilarious friend. Little Earthquakes is another favourite.

I haven’t been as impressed with Weiner’s more recent books, but Fly Away Home was definitely better than Best Friends Forever and Certain Girls.  I picked it up a few days after it was released with high hopes. I really wanted to love it, and the parts that disappointed me were the parts that were too true: at times the characters felt a little boring, the way we all feel a little boring as we get older. They don’t react in the bad-ass, fearless and angry ways that Cannie from Good in Bed might have. Their actions aren’t quite brave enough, just like in real life.

But the story still held my interest (the drama was at its best in the middle, and it was unputdownable for about 100 pages before it started to peter out).  The characters seem familiar, like more mature versions of some of Weiner’s earlier characters, and interesting, just not quite as engaging as I’d wished. 

My high expectations made me think this was a 7.5/10, but trying to be a little more objective it’s more like an 8.5. I’m really glad Jennifer Weiner’s still writing.


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