Gemma Townley

Released: February 28, 2006

Format: Paperback

Pages: 308

Publisher: Ballantine

ISBN: 978-0345480033

I just re-read a stack of Gemma Townley books but I’ll stick to a single review for now (a review of her latest, An Ideal Wife, is on its way soon).

Gemma Townley is a pretty good writer. It’s often hard to pinpoint why her books are likeable (they’re ultra light-hearted and the characters can be a bit moony), but I think the key is that Townley’s prose is really sharp. She has a good sense of humour and puts her characters into some wild situations. She also makes the details around people’s careers pretty believable (no lawyers “just running off to court to win a trial”).  Hmm …  humour, imagination, and decent research skills … I guess that’s how it works.

Jennifer Bell, the main character in  Learning Curves is pretty close to my heart.  Jennifer has a background as a hardcore eco-warrior, but has moved into a comparatively boring desk job with an ethical consulting company, for personal reasons.  At the beginning of the book,  she’s feeling particularly stultified as an office worker and decides to go undercover and investigate a shady corporation. The catch is, her estranged father owns the company.

Corporate espionage, more misunderstandings than you can count, and a romance with an ethical businessman ensue, ending happily, I promise.  7.5/10.

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