Summer in the City

Released: 2005

Format: Paperback

Pages: 320

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 978-0143051237

This may be the summer to re-read some more Robyn Sisman books, and possibly pre-order Perfect Couple which is due out in a few weeks. Summer in the City is my favourite of her stories so far – probably because it’s set in both London and New York. It’s like two cities for the price of one!

The main characters here are Suze and Lloyd, who work in the London and NY offices of a transatlantic advertising company. They participate in an employee exchange program and each has to live in the other person’s apartment for a month.  A little bit of conflict comes with this as Lloyd seems straitlaced and uptight at the outset and Suze is an irresponsible wild child in comparison. Partway through the program, things start going badly at the company, and they work together to rat out some corporate espionage. And fall in love.

As I said, it’s great having a story set in two exciting cities. Sisman is rich on the details and really captures the flavour and excitement of New York, and the romance of London. She adds a lot to the drama with a couple of interesting subplots as well. This one gets at least an 8 on The Geets’ scale of beach reads … which is 8.4 on the “holing up at your mom’s house and rediscovering a book you enjoyed five years ago” system.


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