Kill Me Again (Secrets of Shadow Falls #2) by Maggie Shayne

Released: July 27, 2010
Format: e-book
Pages: 400
Publisher: Mira
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-2804-9

In Kill Me Again, Olivia Dupree, an English professor, is helping to organize a fundraiser, and has secured reclusive novelist Aaron Westhaven, a man she’s admired—and more—for years, as a guest speaker. The day he’s due to arrive, though, Olivia gets called to the hospital because a John Doe has come in with only her business card in his possession. Everyone assumes that he’s Aaron Westhaven but he’s not so sure. And, over the course of the novel, Olivia begins to wonder if he might not have a darker purpose — to kill her.

This is my first time reading Maggie Shayne and I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since Kill Me Again is the second book in her Secrets of Shadow Falls trilogy. One of the protagonists of the first book, Killing Me Softly, is in Kill Me Again as a secondary character, and some of the events from the first book are discussed in Kill Me Again, but not knowing precisely what happened didn’t detract from my enjoyment of this novel. Aaron and Olivia make an interesting team and I like how Olivia’s past was revealed over the course of the novel. Their relationship develops in believable and compelling ways, and it was great watching Aaron struggle with his amnesia. I think Maggie Shayne did a great job exploring his internal struggle with the information he had about himself and his instincts.

I enjoyed this book enough that I think I’m going to pick up the first part of the trilogy up at the library the next time I’m there and it’s on the shelf, and maybe a couple of her other books to boot.

I’d like to end by thanking Mira for the galley of this book. It was a fun read and I look forward to reading more Maggie Shayne.



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