Dead in the Family (Southern Vampire #10) by Charlaine Harris

Released: May 4, 2010
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 320
Publisher: Ace
ISBN-13: 978-0-4410-1864-2

Dead in the Family deals directly with the aftermath of the events of Dead and Gone. Sookie is coping with the trauma of being tortured, Claudine’s death and Niall’s decision to close Faerie off from the mortal world. And because that’s not enough, Sookie also has to cope with Claude, Claudine’s brother, who decided to stick it out in the mortal world, the arrival of Eric’s master and some were stuff.

Despite all of the plot points in the story, I didn’t enjoy Dead in the Family as much as I’d thought I would. Charlaine Harris has written a lovely book but it wasn’t as exciting to me as some of the other Sookie stories. I liked the storyline with Claude, and the one with Bill, and the stuff with the weres was interesting, especially since it leaves room for more involvement with them in future installments, but the storyline with Eric and his master just didn’t thrill me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m watching True Blood at the same time, and there’s always so much going on with the show, but it just felt like there was something missing in Dead in the Family. This in no way affects my overall love of the series, though; I’m still a huge fan. And having the tenth book in a series be a little less awesome really isn’t the end of the world…

This is book 3/6 for my Vampire Series Reading Challenge. I’m halfway there!


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