On Her Trail by Marcelle Dubé

Released: June 21, 2010
Format: e-book
Pages: 126
Publisher: Carina
ISBN-13: 978-1-4268-9028-4

Once again, I was lucky to receive a copy of this e-book from Carina Press, so many thanks to them.

The Carina page offers the following description:

After five years of covering seedy Eastern European politics, Laura Thorsen returns to Canada only to run afoul of the mob. When they try to kill her over an explosive exposé, she flees to her secluded childhood home in the Yukon. Little does she know that her estranged mother is also being haunted—by the ghosts of her dead husband and a former lover who disappeared thirty-four years ago.

Their nearest neighbor, Mack Hawkins, is drawn into the action when mobsters track Laura down. Despite her protests, he insists on his own brand of personal protection, and desire soon sparks between them. But in this race for time, will Laura be able to evade those who want her dead and mend her relationship with her mother before it’s too late?

All in all, this was a decent book. The basic premise was interesting and Laura, Fay and Mack are good characters. I liked that Laura was smart and pro-active, and also that the book was set in Canada. The story is well established in the first few chapters and it was a fun, if somewhat predictable read. My one beef with On Her Trail would be that it’s classified as a paranormal suspense romance on author Marcelle Dubé‘s website; I’m not sure if that’s the most accurate description. The story came off, at least to me, as more of a suspenseful romance with a hint of the paranormal – a hint that could have been left out entirely. Laura’s mother Fay sees ghosts from her past, and I think the book would have been much stronger without this element. That being said, I enjoyed Marcelle Dubé’s prose and ambition, and thought this was a fun summer read.



2 responses to “On Her Trail by Marcelle Dubé”

  1. Marcelle Dubé says :

    Jenn, thank you very much for taking the time to read On Her Trail, and for your thoughtful comments. Much appreciated!


  2. jenn says :

    Hi Marcelle! Nice to hear from you. I’m looking forward to reading your next book. 🙂

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