Bullet (Anita Blake #19) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Released: June 1, 2010
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 356
Publisher: Berkeley
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-23433-4

Thanks to Flirt (which I discussed a while ago), it hasn’t been that long since our last adventure with Anita Blake. Nonetheless, I was quite excited when Bullet hit the shelves.

This time around, Anita’s back in St. Louis, trying to live her life as normally as possible. Unfortunately, not everyone wants her to be happy, particularly the Mother of All Darkness, an ancient vampire that Anita thought had been destroyed. In fact, she’s not only pissed about having her body blown up, she wants to take over Anita, and all of the vampires in the United States. It’s a bad enough scene that sworn enemies are warning Anita to run away, if she can. Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a story if she did, so, once again, Anita and her men are pitting themselves against an incredibly powerful enemy.

Since the book is newly released, I’m not going to comment to much on plot. What I will say is that I’m a little sad. I have pretty high expectations for Laurell K. Hamilton, since she creates some of the most interesting stories out there, and I was a tad disappointed with Bullet, not because of the amount of sex (which has offended a lot of the readers commenting on Amazon) but because Bullet felt like a transition novel, rather than a story unto itself. That is to say, Bullet felt like the build-up to something amazing, a something amazing that didn’t show up in this installment of Anita’s life. It’s almost like we got the first half of the story, without a “To be continued”-style disclaimer at the end. I don’t think this was deliberate, since some of Bullet‘s storylines were resolved in a satisfactory fashion, but I do think that the reader’s left hanging a bit too much.

Another criticism that’s been leveled at this book is that nothing happens. I don’t think that’s fair (though I do feel that everyone’s entitled to their own opinions). There are some great series developments, particularly with Richard, that I found very satisfying. There’s also some nice resolution for characters like Haven and Asher, which have been a long time coming. Bullet is a bit different from some of the other Anita books because it takes place in a very short time period and a lot of it is metaphysical or character internal, but I thought that was an interesting change, particularly since we get a lot of insight into Anita and how she views herself, which I really enjoyed.

One last thing to add to this incredibly long entry: I really like the new style of covers they’re doing for the Anita Blake series. I didn’t love the ones they did for Blood Noir and Skin Trade but the style being used for Flirt and Bullet are awesome and very iconic.

While Bullet may not have lived up to all of my expectations, there are some nice moments and I think it’ll be even better when I re-read before the next book.

Thanks to Penguin Canada and Tynga of Tynga’s Reviews for the copy of this book.

This is book 2/6 for my Vampire Series Reading Challenge. Going to need to pick up the pace a bit if I’m going to meet my goal!


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