Angelic (Otherworld novella) by Kelley Armstrong

Released: December 2009
Medium: Trade Hardcover
Pages: 98
Publisher: Subterranean Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-59606-246-7

Angelic is a little peak into the world of Eve Levine and her work as an angelic enforcer. She’s already narrated a full-length book, Haunted, and an online story, but this is most definitely a welcome return. She’s one of my favourite characters in Kelley Armstrong‘s Otherworld because she’s such a fun mixture of dark and light.

In Angelic, Eve is tasked with quelling a djinn revolt when she’s supposed to be on her holiday. It’s a fast read but it has some great moments and is a satisfying story. I’m sure it could have been longer but, as it is, it’s a tight and enjoyable novella. As always, Kelley Armstrong delivers an engaging story that leaves you wanting more. I’m glad that she decided to put out Angelic, even if it did end up costing a fortune. (Subterranean Press does not do cheap releases and they charge a pretty penny to ship to Canada, all in U.S. dollars. Despite this, I’m quite happy with my purchase and look forward to the author’s next release with this publishing house, a novella narrated by Paige.)


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