Touch of Surrender (Primal Instinct #5) by Rhyannon Byrd

Released: April 27, 2010
Format: e-galley
Pages: 384
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN-13: 978-0-3737-7464-7

I recently received an e-galley of this book from Harlequin. I’ve read a couple other books by Rhyannon Byrd, such as  Last Wolf Standing, from her Bloodrunners series (which is written by multiple authors). I’d really enjoyed that series and so I was thrilled when I was able to get my hands on Touch of Surrender.

Coming into a series in the middle is always a challenge for the reader. You’re expected to know who some of the secondary characters are, and what the overarching themes and conflicts of the series are. With some authors, it’s really hard to jump in mid-series but Rhyannon Byrd has done a great job of making Touch of Surrender accessible to new readers. She explains the series mythology and history in a very organic way; new readers, like myself, get a basic understanding of the setting, but in a way that’s probably not distracting to followers of the series. I love it when authors can do this well, since I’ve read other series in which the (re-)familiarization with the world can be clunky and overly detailed. Rhyannon Byrd’s just piqued my interest in the previous novels!

All that being said, Touch of Surrender is set in a world where various types of supernatural beings exist, hidden from human eyes. Some of these clans are good, and are protected by a group called the Watchmen (very Alan Moore), who are fighting against the Casus, an evil group bent on taking over. In this story, two watchmen – Kierland, a Lycan, and Morgan, a shapeshifter – are brought together to rescue Kierland’s brother. The two have a rough history, spanning a decade, and are forced to confront their ideas about one another, with the extra pressure of Morgan’s ex, a vampire named Ashe, being a necessary component of the rescue.

I really enjoyed reading Touch of Surrender. The plot was interesting and the book was well-written. Morgan and Kierland are good protagonists, and the supporting characters are all well developed and smart. I really enjoyed the pacing of both the rescue mission and the development of their romantic relationship. In fact, I liked this book so much I’m going to have to find the earlier books in the series so that I can add this to my must-read list.


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