Tempting the Enemy by Dee Tenorio

Released: June 14, 2010
Format: e-book
Pages: 236
Publisher: Carina
ISBN-13: 978-1-4268-9012-3

Tempting the Enemy is a great paranormal romance. I got to read it a little bit ahead of its official release, thanks to an early copy from Carina Press. (A big thank you for this opportunity!)

In this story, Wolf shifters have been hunted and killed, but one Alpha, Detective Pale Rysen, is trying to rebuild them. A killer has started hunting young women who are trying to find him, and the city calls in the  Sibile, an order of women  with psychic powers. Enter Jade-Scarlet, half-Wolf, half-Sibile, who has unstable powers but has been sent on this mission. They have to team up to stop the serial killer terrorizing women in the area, while fighting their attraction (a biological imperative known as being in Heat) and avoiding other Wolves who want to claim Jade for themselves.

Dee Tenorio has done a wonderful job with her characters and world-building, creating interesting protagonists with lots of personality. Jade and Pale are strong characters and watching them come together is a lot of fun. The one thing I didn’t love was that many male Wolves will rape female Wolves if the females are in Heat; that was an unsettling plot point.

In the best way possible, this story reminded me of Nalini Singh‘s Psy/Changeling series – you’ve got people with powers from different societies, coming together against a common enemy and finding love. I look forward to revisiting this world.

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