Vicious Circle (Persephone Alcmedi #1) by Linda Robertson

Released: June 30, 2009
Format: e-book
Publisher: Pocket

I’ve been on something of an e-book kick lately, wanting to test out my e-reader. The latest book I’ve finished is Linda Robertson‘s debut urban fantasy, Vicious Circle.

This novel is set in a world where people know about weres, or wæres, as the author calls them, but they’re a marginalized group who have been dehumanized to the point where basic services are denied to them (e.g., medical treatment or police investigating crimes against them).  There are also witches in this world and our heroine, Persephone Alcmedi, is one of them. She also offers a kenneling service for wæres, even though witches and wæres aren’t supposed to mix.

At the start of the novel, Persephone finds out one of her wære friends has been killed. Another witch, Victoria, hires her to avenge her friend. In the process, Persephone’s friends and family are endangered, and she learns that not everything was as it appears.

Vicious Circle has a decent plot and some interesting characters but I didn’t find it as compelling as some of the other urban fantasy I’ve read. The book’s mythology is interesting, and sort of reminded me of Benighted by Kit Whitfield (although it’s the humans being persecuted in that novel). Overall, though, I didn’t feel that engaged by the characters or the storyline, which made me sad because I really wanted to like this book. Unfortunately, there were too many elements that reminded me of other authors, and I kept getting distracted. That being said, I think I would borrow the next book in the series (Hallowed Circle) from the library; I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it.


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