Another Man’s Life by Greg Williams

Released: March 7, 2007

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 320

Publisher: Orion

ISBN: 978-0752874296

This book had a pretty interesting premise: twin brothers have taken different paths in life, but neither one is totally satisfied with their choice. So they decide to trade places for a little while, with the single businessman taking on his brother’s stay-at-home-dad responsibilities and vice versa.

Do things get crazy? Nope. After the second chapter, the book turns into an incoherent ramble of mid-life crisis angst. It’s supposed to be written from two perspectives – each brother narrates an alternating chapter – but there is no real distinction in their voices.  The married brother’s wife’s character is really poorly formed. The product placement and name-dropping gets really annoying as well. It’s like the author wanted to mention every pop culture non-icon he’d ever heard of to sound cool. And the constant “he he he, we do it like this because we’re MEN” chest-beating was also completely over the top.

I could barely finish it. I skimmed the last hundred pages. Don’t waste your time.


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