Crazy in Love by Chris Manby

Released: July 2009

Format: Paperback

Pages: 416

Publisher: Hodder

ISBN: 0340951915

This book was cute. Ridiculously cute. This book didn’t set itself up to be serious at any point, so it couldn’t fail. It was fluffy, based closely on the exploits of Paris Hilton, and beach-read-tastic.

The two main characters are Birdie Sederburg, a spoiled and fashion-challenged heiress who develops a crush on a TV star, and Nate Hathaway, a tree-hugging law student who is trying to stop Birdie’s grandfather from building a golf course in an ecologically fragile area. Birdie intends to stop at nothing to get the TV star to date her, and Nate is likewise willing to go to great lengths to stop the golf course’s construction. Nate and Birdie meet, hijinks ensue.

I loved the supporting characters in this story – Birdie has an entourage of nutty, but caring friends; Nate lives with a group of pot-smoking wannabe hippies who secretly read celebrity gossip magazines and lock their TVs up at parties.

One thing that was really annoying was the way that all the American characters kept using British turns of phrase, but after I made a game out of catching them, I got over it. 8.5/10 for beach readability.


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