Twenties Girl

Release Date: July 2009

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 448

Publisher: Dial Press

ISBN: 0385342020

Ah, Sophie Kinsella. As a rule, I love all of her books except the Shopaholic series.

Twenties Girl puts a ghost story into Kinsella’s standard meek-girl-learns-to-assert-herself-and-great-things-follow romance.  The ghost was a little too out there for me, but eventually I forced myself to go with it and enjoyed the rest of the story. The main character is not what you’d call feisty (really? your co-worker leaves you in the lurch for six months and you just … cover for her?)  She’s kind, intelligent and creative, but she seriously shies away from conflict.  The love interest is not too exciting: there is, of course, a communication failure, and, of course, he is so passionately interested in the heroine that he chooses to get past it.

I like the villains best in this story. Aside from the description of the millionaire’s schedule and security team (crazier than the president of the United States), they’re pretty real people.  Nasty and self-interested, but not unbelievable. I’d rate this an 8.5/10 and I’d read it again.


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