Unquiet Dreams (Connor Grey #2) by Mark Del Franco

Released: January 29, 2008
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 292
Publisher: Ace

I’ve finally hit the second Connor Grey book in my reading stack. I read the first one a while ago and really enjoyed it so I was pretty happy to finally get to the second book. In Unquiet Dreams, Connor’s on a new case, this time investigating the death of a human gang member who’s turned up dead at the same time as an elf diplomat. There are also trolls, a new street drug, and gang warfare in the mix, so it’s a busy time for our intrepid investigator. A lot of the characters from Unshapely Things are back in this book and I’m pleased to say Joe is one of them, as he was probably my favourite character in the last book.

Once again, Mark Del Franco has done a great job. The book has a great, flowing plot that answers the main mystery but also leaves a lot open for future stories. We learn a lot more about the politics of the Convergent World and also about some of the other characters, so it’s nicely layered and balanced. Can’t wait for book three!

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