On the Edge (The Edge #1) by Ilona Andrews

AndrewsOntheEdgeReleased: September 29, 2009
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 309
Publisher: Ace
ISBN-13: 978-0-441-01780-5

On the Edge is the first book in a new series by Ilona Andrews. It’s different in tone from the Kate Daniels books – On the Edge is part fantasy and part paranormal romance, while the Kate books are more along the lines of dark urban fantasy. In any case, even though the tone wasn’t quite what I was expecting, I still really loved this book!

The protagonist of this story is Rose Drayton, a girl who lives on the Edge, a place between worlds. One one side, there’s the Broken, a place like the regular world where there’s no magic, and on the other there’s the Weird, where magic thrives and aristocrats rule. Edgers like Rose can travel between the two worlds, something that can be lethal for people from the other two realms. Rose works in the Broken to support her two little brothers. She doesn’t have many friends on the Edge since she’s got strong magic and so she’s used to fending for herself. But then Declan Camarine, an aristocrat, shows up on her doorstep and wants to marry her. Plus there are strange magic-eating creatures crawling around the woods, so Rose has got her hands full.

It’s hard to say why this story resonated so well with me. The characters are, as with all of Andrews’ other books, really great – lots of personality, so that they really come off the page. The setting of the novel is also really cool, although it makes it hard to classify the book. I’ve tagged it as urban fantasy but it’s more along the lines of rural fantasy since it takes place in such a backwater area. But all of the elements of an urban fantasy novel – except the city setting – are there. The storyline is also really cool. I couldn’t ever guess where the story was going, except for the romance element, and I really enjoyed finding out what was going to happen next. All in all, On the Edge is a fantastic read. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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