Dead to Me (Simon Canderous #1) by Anton Strout

Released: February 26, 2008
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 368
Publisher: Ace
ISBN-13: 978-0-441-01578-8

Anton Strout has been on my radar for a while but I only recently purchased the first book in his series, Dead to Me. It’s been blurbed by Charlaine Harris, Rachel Vincent and Amber Benson so I thought it would be worth checking out, especially since I’ve been struggling to find new authors I enjoy within the urban fantasy genre lately.

Dead to Me is about Simon Canderous, an ex-thief with pyschometry (the ability to read the history of objects/people by touching them). He works for the Department of Extraordinary Affairs, using his powers to fight crime and solve mysteries. Dead to Me starts off with him accidentally spilling his coffee through a woman named Irene, and grows to involve a cult, a wooden fish, and a hapless personal assistant.

The plot of the book is decent and the characters are fairly stock but okay. What really turned me off this book was the tone of the writing – very snarky and, at times, condescending. I really didn’t care for it. I should have guessed since it has a similar tone to the author’s website, though the site comes off as more playful than irritating.

I don’t think I’ll read further along in the series, and have given Dead to Me to a friend, in the hopes that she will enjoy it more than I did.

Simon Canderous series (click on the title to purchase through The Book Depository)

  1. Dead to Me
  2. Deader Still
  3. Dead Matter (not available through The Book Depository yet)

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