City of Souls (Signs of the Zodiac #4) by Vicki Pettersson

PetterssonCityofSoulsReleased: June 15, 2009
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 352
Publisher: Eos
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-145678-7

Vicki Pettersson‘s Signs of the Zodiac books are supremely awesome books. They’ve got fantastic tone and the author always takes Joanna (the protagonist) through incredible journeys. I also love her world building; in these novels, set in Las Vegas, there are two Zodiac teams, one Light and one Shadow. Joanna is the Kairos, one of both Light and Shadow, destined to help her side win the ultimate battle.

In City of Souls, Joanna has to venture into a hidden world – MidHeaven – to correct mistakes she make in the last book. Her team, the Light Zodiac, is suffering because of these mistakes and so she has to venture into this lethally dangerous alternative world to find the answers she needs. The price of admission? A piece of her soul is she’s careful…more if she’s not.

Overall, this was a great story. I just couldn’t put it down, despite the extremely late hour I started it. It was so satisfying and I can’t wait to see how the author gets Joanna out of this latest predicament. (It’s apparently discussed in a short story she has published in Unbound, a recently released anthology on my To Buy list.)

The only detractor for me was the cover of the book. (Covers really matter to me, as you’ve probably guessed if you follow the blog on a semi-regular basis. I will buy, or not buy, a book based on the cover if it’s a new author.) I adore the covers on the first three books in the series, which are dark, moody and distinctive. This cover, by a different artist, looks more generic and very similar to the type of image I’d expect to find on a Yasmine Galenorn book. (Her books are enjoyable so it’s not the end of the world but I much prefer the other covers, which suit the tone of Pettersson’s writing a lot more.)

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3 responses to “City of Souls (Signs of the Zodiac #4) by Vicki Pettersson”

  1. Cat says :

    I agree about the cover of this 4th book! And I have Unbound, but have not read all the stories yet – I save my fave authors for last, so VP and Kim Harrison are yet to be read!

    I enjoy this series too, although find some books stronger than the others.

  2. jenn says :

    Thanks, Cat! I can’t wait to get into those stories too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully it’ll be soon.

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