Black Hills by Nora Roberts

NoraRobertsBlackHillsI recently paid another visit to my parents and got my hands on the latest Nora Roberts book. Black Hills is Lilian Chance and Cooper Sullivan’s story, set in South Dakota, starting in 1989 when Lil and Coop first become friends. Eventually their childhood friendship blossoms into romance but that eventually ends. Before that happens, though, they discover the body of a hiker in the hills.

Cut to present day, when both Lil and Coop are back in South Dakota.  They live in different cities, with different goals, and the relationship ends. Black Hills tells the story of how they come back together in the midst of a murder investigation back in South Dakota, where Lil has started the wildlife refuge she always dreamed of, and Coop has returned to help out on his grandparents’ farm.

As always, Nora Roberts has crafted a tight plot with interesting characters. Using the Black Hills for the setting makes the novel really interesting, since it allows for a lot of adventure. I don’t have much to say about this – it’s a typical Nora Roberts story and is quite enjoyable. Fans won’t be disappointed but I still think her In Death series (as J.D. Robb) is more interesting.


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