Marked (House of Night #1) by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast

PCCastMarkedMarked, the first book in the YA House of Night series, is a fun, fast read. Zoey Redbird is just a regular teenager until a Tracker comes and Marks her, signifying that she is a fledgeling vampire and will have to move from a regular high school to the House of Night, the home and school of all fledgelings in the area. She’s special, though, because she’s been chosen by the goddess Nyx and has abilities the typical fledgeling does not, which are revealed over the course of the novel. And this is on top of the usual teen don’t-fit-in, new-school angst that she’s experiencing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book when I picked it up and I’m pleased to say that I quite enjoyed it. It’s a fun story with a good plot and good characters, even if some of them are sort of stock at this point (the token gay, the country rube, the blonde bitch). I’m sure these characters will develop over the series, which is why I’m so glad that I borrowed the first four from the library all together.

That being said, I think that Zoey’s a great protagonist and her love interest, Erik, seems like he’ll be a worthy companion. I like that the authors are successfully blending the problems of being a teenager with the metaphysical problems of transformation without being too heavy-handed about allegory and all that. Can’t wait to see what happens in Betrayed.


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