Night Child (OSI #1) by Jes Battis

JesBattisNightChildNight Child is one of the few urban fantasy novels I’ve read lately that has been written by a man. To be clear, I have absolutely nothing against male authors; urban fantasy just seems to be a female-dominated genre right now.

In Night Child, Jes Battis has your typical feisty, doesn’t-play-by-the-rules heroine, Tess Corday. She’s a CSI for occult cases. She comes complete with sidekick (Derrick the telepath) and is, of course, on the brink of losing her job because she’s headstrong and reckless. Over the course of the novel, she encounters a necromancer named Lucien, to whom she’s drawn even though she thinks he’s evil.

I don’t mean to sound patronizing about this cast of characters but I found them to be very stock. I did enjoy a lot of the story though, and find the idea of an OSI rather original, and also a clever marketing strategy in a world that seems to be obsessed with procedural dramas (at least on TV). I guess my main beef with the book is that there’s nothing terribly exciting about the characters. Night Child is well-written and has a good story but it just didn’t thrill me the way other novels, like Patricia Briggs‘ and Ilona Andrews‘ work and some of Kelley Armstrong‘s early stuff, do.

I have picked up the second book in this series, A Flash of Hex, to see if the characters grow on me and will let you know if they do.


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