Skin Trade (Anita Blake #17) by Laurell K. Hamilton

LaurellKHamiltonSkinTradeFinally, a new Anita Blake story! Anita’s one of my favourite characters in the (dark) urban fantasy genre and, even though I’m not the hugest fan of all the sex that has been popping up in the novels, I still love the way Laurell K. Hamilton writes. Her plots are always tight and she creates the most wonderful characters, and really manages to keep them all individuals even in this series, which has tons of recurring characters.

In Skin Trade, Anita is in U.S. Marshal mode and goes to Las Vegas to hunt a serial killing vamp, meeting up with Edward and a couple other characters from previous stories, so the book is very reminiscent of Obsidian Butterfly. I liked this a lot, not only because I really enjoy Anita’s out of town adventures but because it meant fewer drawn-out sex scenes and more (non-sexy) action. There’s also more exploration about the different beasts she carries and how that’s affecting her life, which was nice.

I don’t want to give too much away since the book is only a couple months old but I will say that it reads like an earlier Anita book, since the focus is less on her relationships and more on her job. There is some good personal development, though, which I appreciate because I think Anita’s such an interesting character. It’s nice to see her thinking about her past actions and how they’re affecting her life.

As always, though, it was a great book that I just couldn’t put down. So thanks, Ms. Hamilton! I look forward to Divine Misdemeanors (the next Merry book) this winter.


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2 responses to “Skin Trade (Anita Blake #17) by Laurell K. Hamilton”

  1. Cat says :

    I saw similar comments about this one on another blog. And it was also compared to the earlier books and Obsidian Butterfly (which I LOVED). I gave up on this series around Cerulian Chains (? is that right?) because I grew very tired of every book being all S&M. It was less thriller mystery to me and more erotica and that’s so not my thing.

    However, I might check this one out and see what’s been happening in Anita’s world, because I do miss her!

  2. jenn says :

    Yeah, I don’t love how S&M oriented the books have gotten but there’s always a good thriller/mystery in there and I get sucked back in. (No pun intended.) But this one’s more like her older books, and it features Edward, who is a fantastic character, so I’d totally encourage you to give it a try.

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