Dead and Gone (Southern Vampire #9) by Charlaine Harris

CharlaineHarrisDeadandGoneDead and Gone is the ninth installment in the Sookie Stackhouse novels and it’s a fun read. It’s also a bit of a departure from the other books in the series since the main focus of the story is the fae, rather than the usual vampire business, despite the fact that weres come out of the proverbial closet at the outset of the novel.

Most relevant to Sookie, though, is the sudden presence of faeries everywhere, including some who are trying to kill her. Dead and Gone offers a lot of insight into the fae in Sookie’s universe, discussing their social structure and views on interactions with humans (and other beings of this particular realm).

What I liked most about this book is the Sookie’s personal development. The action part of the plot is all well and good, as are the appearances of some of my favourite characters, but I found myself most drawn by the revelations that Sookie has while settling into this new world under King Felipe – learning more about her relationship with Eric, her realizations about Bill and his feelings, her deteriorating relationship with Arlene, her tangled relationship with Jason and more. (I don’t want to say anything too specific here, since the book is still relatively new.)

Reading this book while True Blood airs – in fact, I finished the book just before watching the second episode of Season 2 – was a rather interesting experience. While I quite like the show, it’s weird to see how the characters and storylines diverge from the the books; I feel like I know where they should be going but I’m not necessarily disappointed when they head in a different direction. It’s sort of like the whole Star Trek reboot – I love the familiar stories but I’m curious to see where they’ll go in this parallel world.

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  1. jenn says :

    Also, I miss the sparkles on the cover. It added a bit of whimsy.

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