Storm Glass (Glass #1) by Maria V. Snyder

MariaVSnyderStormGlassStorm Glass is the beginning of a new trilogy from Maria V. Snyder. Picking up four years after the Study trilogy (Yelena’s story) ends, Storm Glass focuses on Opal Cowan, a character who played a significant role in the Study books.

Opal  is a glassmaker and magician-in-training. She’s also conflicted about her role at magic school and her lack of traditional magics. But then her unique talents are required and she goes off on an adventure.  Along the way she meets up with some interesting new characters and some old ones that will be familiar to readers of the other series.

Although I don’t like Opal as much as Yelena, she has a fun, unpredictable journey in Storm Glass. (There was one moment where it was clear where the story was headed but this didn’t take away from the experience.) Opal grows up a lot, learning more about herself and her magic; she’s a much more interesting person at the end of the book than she was at the start, and I’m excited to see when the next book will take her.

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One response to “Storm Glass (Glass #1) by Maria V. Snyder”

  1. Cat says :

    I liked Yelena much better, too! Although I was still enchanted by this story. Snyder has a way of weaving a rather magical land and story!

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