Dead Reign (Marla Mason #3) by T.A. Pratt

PrattDeadReignThe world of Marla Mason is one I discovered just before starting this blog and I devoured the first two books: Blood Engines and Poison Sleep. Marla is an ass-kicking sorceress in a cloak with a lot of attitude. As chief sorcerer to Felport, her job is to guard the city from magical threats and to keep the regular folk from knowing what’s going on. She does it with style.

In this third installment, Marla goes up against Death. In Felport, a magical dagger has been passed from chief sorceror to his/her successor for generations, and it turns out that this was once Death’s great sword, which he lost in a game. Now there’s a new Death in town, though, and he wants it back so Marla finds herself going up against a god.

My favourite things about this series are that the story is fast-paced, the dialogue is quippy and sharp, and Marla’s surrounded by interesting people. These things hold true in Dead Reign. In fact, we get to see a lot more of Rondeau’s character in this one, as he operates away from Marla, which is fun. Death is also a good nemesis and the story ends in a really neat way (which I won’t describe here) so I’m really satisfied with this book, and the series as a whole.  Can’t wait to read book four!


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