Evil Ways (Morris and Chastain Investigations #2) by Justin Gustainis

GustainisEvilWaysThis book picks up some of the story threads from Black Magic Woman so you probably shouldn’t read on unless you’ve read the first book (or don’t mind mild spoilers).

Supernatural investigator Quincey Morris and his friend/consultant Libby Chastain are back on the case. Walter Grobius is also back as the evil architect but now he has a new left hand to carry out the plan: Lewis Pardee, a black wizard. They’re up to no good, as bad guys are wont to do, killing white witches and plotting something nefarious. FBI agent Fenton is also back in this story, recruiting Quincey to help him find out who’s killing children and taking their organs (just like someone was doing in the first book), and he and his new partner get embroiled in the adventure as well.

Gustainis also introduces a new character, Hannah Widmark, who’s had relations with both Morris and Libby and whose background gets explained towards the end of the book. Without giving it all away, I think she’s a really neat character and I hope that Gustainis can find ways to incorporate her in other stories since she was so instrumental in this one, and really brings something different to the table.

All in all, the story’s really good in this book. It’s a tight plot, lots of different perspectives are managed well, and there aren’t any holes in the storyline. There were a couple cringe-worthy moments but I think they were really useful for illustrating the attributes of various characters. The one thing I didn’t like: the cover. It’s just silly.


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