Destiny Kills (Myth and Magic #1) by Keri Arthur

picture-3Keri Arthur’s Riley Jenson series is one of my favourite series to revisit – the characters are appealing, the mysteries convincing and the world-building well planned – so I was thrilled to hear she was starting a new series.  Having finally gotten my hands on Destiny Kills, I’m both happy and disappointed.

The happiness stems from the fact that Arthur’s created a compelling world, in this case one centred on dragons.  The main character, Destiny, is just as feisty as her other heroines, and equally quippy as well.  She also has the same matter-of-fact attitude towards sex.

The book doesn’t seem to be set in the same world as her Riley books but this isn’t ruled out either; Riley lives in Australia and Destiny Kills takes place in other parts of the world.  (I’m trying to be cryptically descriptive since this book was released quite recently and I don’t want to give anything away.)

The disappointment stems from the fact that the story just isn’t as compelling as those in her Riley books, and the characters aren’t as  fresh. I don’t like Destiny as much as Riley – she doesn’t resonate for me the same way – but I’m willing to invest in the next installment in the series before passing final judgment.

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