Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk

DevonMonkMagicToTheBoneMagic to the Bone is filled with interesting characters and a compelling mythology. The main character, Allie, is prickly and stubborn, and I think she’s great. The supporting characters all stand out well. My favourite part of the world that Devon Monk has created is probably her ideas about how magic works – the idea that there’s an equal cost for everything you do. It harkens back to older portrayals of magic use, and is something that gets disregarded in a lot of newer stories about magic, which just accept that it’s there, and never look at the price.

I found that that plot dragged a bit in places, but it seems to be setting up a  promising series at the end. Don’t have much else to say right now – the book was blurbed by a couple of my favourite authors (Patricia Briggs and Rachel Vincent) but I think their words may have been a bit too effusive. That being said, it’s a book I would lend to friends, if only because it’s the start of something that has so much potential.



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