Sizzle and Burn (Arcane Society #3) by Jayne Ann Krentz

JayneAnnKrentzSizzleAndBurnFirst off…Happy New Year!

Secondly…to the book!

Generally speaking, I find Jayne Ann Krentz to be a perfectly pleasant author with the right amount of escapism in her work. I tend to read her straight thrillers, or her books as Jayne Castle, but thought now would be a good time to test out her paranormal work under her own name.

Sizzle and Burn is the third book in a series about a secret society of psychics. Boy and girl meet cute over murder and the story evolves from there, getting into the girl’s family history and leading to the inevitable romance. I thought the book was put together in a clear way but didn’t find anything remarkable about the story or the characters. In fact, I found the supporting characters to be more compelling than the main ones, which is never a good sign. But I’d still say that this is a nice fluffy book, perfect for escaping all my schoolwork for a few hours.


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