Life with My Sister Madonna by Christopher Ciccone

ChristopherCicconeLifeWithMySisterMadonnaI was intrigued when I heard this book was out. Madonna’s an icon and I thought that this book would offer a lot of insight into her personality, her method, and her general route to success. Instead, Life with My Sister Madonna is the most self-indulgent autobiography I’ve ever read. Ciccone is plaintive and whiny and the whole book reads like a gigantic complaint about his sister. There is very little that is positive. While this may or may not be true of his relationship with Madonna, it’s not much fun to read. Where I thought there would be insight, there was sad-sack reminiscence. Where I’d hoped there’d be detailed discussion of tour planning and choreography and design, there was glossing over and whining. The book is also immediately dated, as well, since he wrote it while Madonna and Guy Ritchie were still together, although struggling, which makes the stoy a lot less profound than he intended. (It was not at all profound in my opinion.)

There are a few moments here and there which make the book interesting and less shallow, but overall it’s a very superficial book designed to paint Madonna in the most unflattering light and garner major sympathy for the author.



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