Dark Side of the Moon (Dark Hunter #14*) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

It seems like I’ve been blogging about a lot of new authors lately, which is great.  (Thanks, public library!)  The latest one is Sherrilyn Kenyon, creator of the Dark Hunter series.  I’ll say one thing for her, before even getting into the book: the woman is prolific.  She’s amassed a huge catalogue.

I picked Dark Side of the Moon as my first foray into Kenyon’s world because it was what the library had available.  Given a choice, I prefer to start with the first book in a series but sometimes it’s nice to just leap in, since the author is well familiar with her characters and her world, and this often results in a more nuanced book.  I’ll let you know if this is the case when I get my hands on Fantasy Lover, because I’m definitely interested in reading more in this series.

Dark Hunters are ancient warriors who have sold their soul to Artemis in exchange for vengeance.  They spend their lives defending humans against Daimons, people who steal souls to extend their own lives.  This book is about Ravyn, who’s a special sort of Dark Hunter, and his relationship with Susan, a human who stumbles into this world.

I really enjoyed this novel for several reasons.  First, the world conceit is just great.  It takes an often-used idea (supernatural beings protecting unsuspecting humans) and gives it an original flavour.  Second, awesome characterization.  Everyone in the novel feels real, even to someone who just ended up in the middle of this series.  They all have motivation and feelings that resonate with the reader.  Third, the book is really well-paced.  There’s lots of action but also a lot of downtime, so that our characters can get to know each other.  Fourth, well, I can’t pinpoint anything else that’s really specific – I just devoured the book in one sitting because I wanted to know what was going to happen next.  I’m definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for more Sherrilyn Kenyon books at the library – they’re great, escapist fun if you’re in the mood for a paranormal romance!

*It’s the fourteenth story according to the author’s reading list, which includes short stories.  Amazon lists it as book #11.



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