Megan’s Mark (Breed #7) by Lora Leigh

Megan’s Mark is the first book published in Lora Leigh‘s Breed series but, chronologically according to the internal timeline on her website, it should be the seventh, which is why I’m listing it as Breed #7.

In order to be up front, I have to say that this book was given to me by a friend. Normally, I don’t pick up books that are billed as erotic, not because I’m squeamish about sex but because I find that this type of book usually focuses so much on the sex that the story gets lost.  In this case, that’s only half true.  Leigh has an interesting premise – Breeds are genetically engineered human/aminal crosses – but I felt like all of the sex scenes sort of interrupted what could have been a really interesting story.

I think this is a good book for people who enjoy erotic stories with an urban fantasy bent but would not recommend it to fans of the genre who don’t enjoy a lot of explicit sex in their books.


2 responses to “Megan’s Mark (Breed #7) by Lora Leigh”

  1. jensverden says :

    I just bumped into this site while I was killing some time: It has some hilarious erotic stories, if you are into erotica then check it out!

  2. jenn says :

    Thanks for the tip!

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