Kiss of Fire (Dragonfire #1) by Deborah Cooke

I love the public library in my folks’ town!  Unlike the town where I live, the local libraries here carry an extensive stock of urban fantasy, which keeps my book buying to a minimum, which is perfect for books like this.

Kiss of Fire is the first book in a new series centred around shape-shifting dragons.  In this series, there are two groups of dragons: the good guys are the Pyr and the baddies the Slayers.  Kiss of Fire is the beginning of the final showdown between these two groups and revolves around the romance between a human, Sara, and a dragon, Quinn.

All in all, this is a decent book.  Deborah Cooke is not a new author; she also writes romance novels as Claire Delacroix and Claire Cross.  I like the new take on dragons but, other than that, there’s nothing truly remarkable about Kiss of Fire.  It’s well-written, has good characters and a plot that flows along rather smoothly.  It’s a light, fun read that’s perfect for a day when you want something you can enjoy without straining your brain.  I don’t know that I would purchase this book to read again but it’s peaked my interest enough to keep my eyes out for the second book.


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