Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1) by Ilona Andrews

I initially picked up this book because it was blurbed by Patricia Briggs, one of my favourite authors.  As it turns out, Ilona Andrews‘ books are at least as awesome as Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, if not slightly moreso. The main character of the series, Kate Daniels, is sassy, determined and powerful, with a huge chip on her shoulder, making her my favourite kind of protagonist.

In Magic Bites, Kate’s guardian has been murdered and she works to figure out who was behind it.  This puts her between two big powers in town – the Pack (shapechangers) and the People (necromancers who control vampires).  As she investigates her guardian’s murder, we’re teased with a separate mystery – who Kate’s father is.

The characterization in this book is really strong.  Kate is very real, as are the main supporting cast, especially Curran, who’s the leader of the Pack (haha) and the potential love interest in the series.  In this book, their relationship is primarily antagonistic but you see shades of what might be throughout.

This is a book I like to re-read.  Even knowing what’s going to happen, I still really enjoy the story.  Andrews (who’s really a husband and wife team) writes in a way I find really accessible and compelling and I just love the world she’s created.  The idea that magic comes and goes in waves is novel and the author uses this really well.  All in all, Magic Bites is just a fabulous story and I always look forward for Andrews’ next release.


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2 responses to “Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1) by Ilona Andrews”

  1. horseideology says :

    I come back to this book again and again. I think it’s because the authors provide enough depth to the situations and characters that you can always find more about them on a re-read. The sequels just continue to improve also.

    I did post a review over here about why this series stands out better then others in this genre:

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