Club Dead (Southern Vampire #3) by Charlaine Harris

The third installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series furthers Sookie’s romantic entanglement and provides a very entertaining story.  Eric, one of my favourite characters, is back in this story, as is Bubba.  Club Dead also introduces Alcide Herveaux as a potential love interest for Sookie.

The basic premise of Club Dead is that Bill has gone missing and so Eric sends Sookie to investigate, with Alcide as her escort.  This is complicated because Bill and Sookie’s relationship is not at its finest but she goes to Mississippi anyways.  This book is a great blend of mystery and romance, which is what I expect (and usually receive) from Harris’ work.

One of my favourite things about the Sookie books is the covers.  They really show the basics of the story, but in such a way that they don’t give it all away, since the little details make a lot more sense once you’ve read the book.  This one, for example, shows Club Dead, which is where some significant action takes place, plus Sookie and Bill and a little wolf in the corner since  werewolves factor heavily into the story.  (SEMI-SPOILER STARTS)  The owl is supposed to be the guy that Debbie, Alcide’s ex, is involved with.  (SEMI-SPOILER ENDS)  All of the covers also have sparkles, which appeals to the girly girl in me.  You can’t see them so well in the photos but, trust me, they’re there.


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