True Blood

This blog is supposed to be all about books but I had to put up my thoughts on True Blood, a new series based on the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, which I read but haven’t yet discussed on this site.  It just premiered and stars Anna Paquin, one of my favourite actresses, as Sookie.

After much waiting, it premiered on my birthday. I felt like this was a good omen. I was half right. Anna Paquin makes a great Sookie but I’m not totally sold on the rest of the main cast. Some of them are pretty good, like the guys playing Jason and Lafayette, but I’ll need to see more of the others before I can say one way or the other. I also feel like some of the accents are a bit much – a bit too hick – and it sometimes seem like the show is mocking rural Southern life, relying heavily on stereotypes, which is rude and also contrary to the spirit of the books. Some of the things that I did like about the show include the way they represent the telepathic cacophony that Sookie experiences and the sets, which are exactly as I pictured them. I’m not a believer in the romance yet but I’m hoping that things will coalesce over the next couple episodes. Right now they’re staying true to the first book, with a few minor exceptions, so I know where the story is going; I’m excited to see how they serialize the story.


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